About CarolinaCAT


What makes CarolinaCAT USA standout from the crowd?


Experience – Our core group of managers average over 25 years of experience in all aspects of large and complex recovery projects. From efficiently drying out a few floors on a hotel after a guest broke a fire sprinkler head to providing full-service recovery to a manufacturing facility following a devastating fire, we have the experience.


Technology – Using state-of-the-art equipment to track hidden moisture during the mitigation portion of projects enables us to isolate and deploy specialized drying equipment to reduce the cost of demolition and reconstruction.  For PREP partners, we use a cloud-based platform that not only provides real-time documentation of actual conditions (via mobile access), but seamless communications with all stakeholders throughout the claims process. We reduce the cycle time of the recovery process. 


Transparency – We took the cliché “say what we do, do what we say” to an extreme and designed our operations and communications systems so that our PREP partners are ALWAYS in the loop and know exactly where they stand in the recovery process. From providing upfront pricing and site-specific emergency response tips BEFOREthe disaster to uploading real-time documentation of work flows/activities, site conditions & costs DURING the entire recovery progress. We pull back the curtain to eliminate surprises or misunderstandings throughout the recovery process.


Teamwork – We empower our PREP partners to optimize the recovery process by focusing on THEIR objectives and perspectives. While they focus on what’s important to keep their organization afloat, we provide whatever recovery resource and work-around strategy necessary to minimize downtime and return their organization to “business as usual”.